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Thursday, September 22, 2005

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Aspyr Releases DOOM 3 Demo
8:31 AM | Tuncer Deniz | 56 comments

Aspyr Media has released the long-awaited DOOM 3 demo. Weighing in at a whopping 463.5 MB, the DOOM 3 demo allows you to check out the first mission (3 levels in all) of the first-person shooter from id Software. The demo can be downloaded from our sister site,

In addition to regular http downloads, a bittorrent link is also provided. If you're an IMG Pro users, click on the IMG Pro Users Only link to download the demo from your exclusive download server. Not a subscriber to IMG Pro? Download demos faster, enjoy IMG and MGF with no ads, and get discounts on games and more. Follow the link below to IMG Pro for information on how to susbcribe.

DOOM 3 Demo 1.0
id Software
Aspyr Media
Buy DOOM 3

Macgamestore: Zoo Tycoon Complete In Stock
11:02 AM | Tuncer Deniz

Aspyr's latest compilation, the Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection is now available at for $49.95. The package contains the original Zoo Tycoon, along with its two expansion packs, Marine Marina and Dinosaur Digs.

Marine Marina adds a number of underwater exhibit possibilities to your zoo, while Dinosaur Digs lets you create your own Jurassic Park with 20 prehistoric animals.

To order the Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection, follow the link below.

MGS: Zoo Tycoon Complete Collectio

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X-Plane 8.17 Adds a Smart Installer
8:33 AM | Tim Morgan | Comment on this story

Version 8.17 of Austin Meyer's timeless flight simulator X-Plane adds a much awaited and much desired feature: a smart installer. No longer will X-Plane owners need to painstakingly merge files from the new X-Plane version to their existing version; the entire process is done automatically by Meyer's new installer program.

X-Plane, like an old Volkwagen Beetle, is very easy to tinker with, and the vast majority of owners do so, meaning that their copies of X-Plane (just like their Beetles) can become very different from those rolling off of the factory line. Planes can be added or tweaked, scenery can be modified, sounds or visuals can be improved, navigation data can be updated ... the list goes on. In days past, users needed to keep track of what files they had worked in, and be careful not to overwrite them with newer versions whenever X-Plane was updated (which is quite frequently).

Now, with version 8.17's new installer, this manual labor is no more. The program compares every file in one's X-Plane installation with its copy and determines what has been changed. The user is prompted as to the course of action he or she would like to take for each file. In addition, the installer will only download the files that have actually changed in an X-Plane update, meaning that users will no longer need to download the entire 255MB program just to get an 0.01 update that changes 2 or 3 files. Version 8.17's installer will merge correctly for all versions of X-Plane back to 8.15, but no further in time.

The installer is a double edged sword, however. IMG had a chance to try it out, and the lasting impression we were left with was its sluggishness. The program was a CPU hog like no other. Even simple tasks like browsing through Finder windows or working in TextEdit were brought to a crawl during the install. Furthermore, download speed was on the very low end as well, well below modem speeds. With any luck fixes for these problems will appear soon. For now, installs are best performed overnight, in our opinion.

Version 8.17 offers very little in the way of new functionality for X-Plane. The highlight of this latest update is the installer, not the program itself. X-Plane is a very modular and easily extensible general aviation simulator from Laminar Research. It allows its players to take to the sky (or to space, or to Mars) in a seemingly endless number of aircraft, from Cessnas to 747's to F-16's, even space shuttles, rockets, and X-15's. It comes with a full suite of tools for creating and modifying aircraft and scenery.

Laminar Research
X-Plane 8
Buy X-Plane 8

BlizzCon Original Song Contest
8:32 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

As part of the upcoming BlizzCon event Blizzard is sponsoring an Original Song Contest. The musically inclined are asked to compose an original song based on Warcraft, Starcraft, or Diablo. Winners will receive a free year of World of Warcraft among other prizes.

We're proud to announce our official BlizzCon Original Song Contest, sponsored by Creative Labs and FilePlanet! We are looking for some talented musicians to create an original song based on Diablo, Starcraft, or Warcraft.
For the complete contest rules follow the link below.

Song Contest Rules
Blizzard Entertainment

GameSpy Feature: Games Ratings
8:32 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

GameSpy has posted an interesting look at the history of video game ratings. Currently a hot topic, particularly in light of the recent "Hot Coffee" debacle, official game rating systems have been around for quite some time now.

It may surprise some gamers to learn that the first country with a manufacturer-organized rating system was actually Japan. Dubbed the Ethics Organization of Computer Software, the EOCS was formed to alert consumers to the adult content contained within certain PC games.

Also touched upon is the well-known Mortal Kombat stir, where both Nintendo and Sega released censored and uncensored versions, respectively:

Nintendo stood firm through the release of Mortal Kombat, demanding that the game's blood and violence be removed in the Super NES port. While it may have made Nintendo look saintly in the eyes of parents, the retail sales told a different story, with the Genesis Mortal Kombat vastly outselling the Super NES port, and the core audience of devoted game players viewing Nintendo as a bunch of censors determined to sanitize adult-themed games down to the level of children.
The feature covers both various systems, including the 3DO and NEC products, as well as various countries and implemented rating systems.

GameSpy - Rating the Games

Brave Kid Games Releases Kubi
8:31 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Slovenian game developer Brave Kid Games has released a Mac version of Kubi, a nonviolent game designed for children. The game is composed of five activities including a classic "slide puzzle" requiring children to unscramble a picture by moving squares, a picture matching game, and a blank canvas for doodling. Kubi's activities are intended to challenge spatial skills.

Here is a list of features:

- 5 activities: Slide, Swap, Copy, Copy-colors, Draw

- 3 levels of difficulty

- 80 pictures to play with

- draw large and small pictures

- nice & easy interface for kids

- 30-day money back guarantee

The game was brought to the Mac by Phelios. Kubi sells for $19.95. For more information follow the link below.

Brave Kid Games

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