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CodeWarrior Update, No Q3 Help
Monday, February 5, 2001 9:24 AM | Andy Largent
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Mule, your conspiracy theory stinks.
Michael February 05 - 11:29 AM

'nuff said.

Something smells fishy...
Rented Mule February 05 - 10:13 AM

...this is actually a joint effort between Apple, iD Software and Metroworks to tout Altivec.

There is no Altivec-enhanced Q3:A. :) iD pretends there is but blames Metroworks for not releasing the updated compiler that will compile Q3:A-Altivec correctly, while Metroworks releases an update without the updated compiler to keep people hoping. And Apple is paying both iD Software and Metroworks for keeping the secret that Altivec ain't the most amazing thing on the planet.

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