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Marathon: Resurrection Still Alive
Thursday, January 18, 2001 5:00 PM | Michael Eilers
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They don't call me PEDANTIC MAN for nothing
Wolfchild January 19 - 8:47 AM

As the Marathon faithful know, the HUD had a motion detector - not a radar screen. The difference between radar and a motion detector is that radar would show stationary critters while a motion detect requires target movement. What is displayed in the screenshot is a true motion detector. It even runs a little bit choppy like the original. This means that it's good enough to tell you that there's a target around but not well enough that you can fight just concentrating on it. I've played other mods with a real radar display and it just didn't feel like 'Thon to me.

Technospeak for the real nerds out there:
Since the motion detector update rate becomes a factor of the Tick deltatime having it run choppy prevents LPB's with 16 GHz processors from having the added advantage of a real quick motion detector.


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