November 26, 2020
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Inside Mac Games Dashboard Widget

If you have Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, then you can check the latest Inside Mac Games news headlines with our Dashboard widget. Simply download the file linked below, extract the .zip file by double clicking on it, then double click on the widget to install it. It's that easy.

Follow the link below to download Inside Mac Games Dashboard Widget.

Inside Mac Games Widget 1.0

Inside Mac Games RSS Feed

NetNewsWire is another handy way to check the latest headlines on all your favorite sites in a single application. The Inside Mac Games RSS feed lets you view full news articles right in NetNewsWire, but does not show images or give you access to read and post comments. To open the actual article in your web browser, just double-click the headline in NetNewsWire.

To subscribe to Inside Mac Games in NetNewsWire or the freeware NetNewsWire Lite, click on the Subscribe button in the toolbar, and then paste in the following URL:

Follow the link below to download NetNewsWire.


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