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IMG Podcast Boot Camp Roundtable
April 14, 2006 | Blake Buck

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Welcome to a special edition of the Inside Mac Games Podcast, the official podcast of Mac gaming. Each week we'll be covering all the news in Mac gaming in one tight package. This week's show is a tour de' force of Mac gaming, featuring Blake Buck, a writer for IMG, William Miller, an artist for Freeverse Software, Tuncer Deniz, founder of the Inside Mac Games Network, Peter Cohen, a newsreporter and Gamer Room columnist for the MacWorld website and magazine, and Bruce Morrison and Steve Tze of Freeverse Software.

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Boot Camp Roundtable
The IMG Podcast crew offer's their take on the Boot Camp announcement, and discusses it with Bruce Morrsion of Freeverse Software, Steve Tze of Freeverse Software, and Peter Cohen of Macworld Magazine. Our panel of mac gaming experts have all the answers.

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Archives  Features  IMG Podcast Boot Camp Roundtable