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Interview: Z Sculpt's Zachary Black
December 18, 2000 | Tom Bridge

IMG: Will there be a fourth Dark Castle? Or is Bryant's victory(?) over Duncan the final step?

ZB: Unknown. I personally feel that DC3 will be the pinnacle of the series, and not much else could be added to keep the game fresh. We'll have to wait and see how fans respond, and what Delta Tao has to say a year from now.

IMG: What was the hardest thing to implement in RtDC?

ZB: Hmmm... The level engine/editor was a real beast. I ow many thanks to Zack Morris for helping to bring it all together. Other than that, the rest was pretty easy, AFTER I learned how to do it!

IMG: What's next after RtDC?

ZB: Zack Morris is hard at work on a 3D/OpenGL engine, and may even have a game out early next year alongside DC3's debut. I plan on following through with my very first idea for an original 2D platform game, from clear back in 1992. With my experience and tools fresh from DC3, I expect it to come together in just a few months.. I hope to have screenshots and info up by mid summer.

IMG: Will RtDC be carbonized for play with OS X?

ZB: Most likely. We're currently looking into OS X technology for our future projects as well.

IMG: What is your relationship with Delta Tao?

ZB: They have been great. Very understanding about the numerous delays that have plagued the project over the past few years.

IMG: Will we see a level editor or additional levels for RtDC?

ZB: Whew... that is hard to say. I plan of leaving DC3 open ended for add-on levels, and _possibly_ and editor, but don't count on it.

Many thanks to Zachary Black and Z Sculpt for breathing life into a series that many of us cut our teeth in the gaming world on. Return to Dark Castle is expected sometime in the early Spring of 2001.

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Archives  Features  Interview: Z Sculpt's Zachary Black