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The Slackerís Guide to Shareware - Part 4
July 25, 2002 | Chris Barylick

DiGi Puzzle
Every so often, a side of the Slacker emerges unchecked, his fan boy status for certain things making itself well known to the terror of friends, family and peers. The Slacker was able to pass off the 12 days waiting for Episode 2 tickets by pointing out the charitable tie-ins as well as heading back home to shower and study for finals, thus making a tri-annual ritual of strange obsession somewhat more acceptable.

This is not so with his status as something of an anime fan, or Otaku, as the insider term would quote him as being.

The final selection for this edition of The Slackerís Guide to Shareware Gaming may be irrelevant at best, a choice that would never affect the future of shareware gaming on the Mac and perhaps something that could and will fade into complete obscurity without a bang or even a whimper. Even more regretfully, the fact that the Slacker admits heíll jump for an anime-themed game, especially something as strangely cute (perhaps even sugary) as the DiGi Charat series.

Be that as it may, Single Brain Cell Software has come up with a rather cool sliding puzzle game based on the DiGi Charat characters that can be had for free. Simple, effective and cool, this works as the digital incarnation of the puzzles that drive everyone nuts, but turn out to be incredibly satisfying if you can actually solve them. Complete with a little ďNyow!Ē sound whenever a puzzle is completed, the game wins based on merits of overall cuteness and the kind of challenge that forces its player to sit back, relax and think things over. Not that the series, its obscure art or brain-wrenching weirdness makes a single iota of sense afterwards, but the game is fun, worth the free download and worth sending the creator a nice word of appreciation if you find yourself enjoying it. DiGi Puzzle is OS X-native, so Mac OS 9 users are out of luck this time around.

The Occasional Call for Help
Despite the fame, glory and plentiful supply of morally questionable attractive female readers, there are times when the Slacker could use a hand. If you know of a great shareware game that deserves recognition, please let the Slacker know. The newer the better, classics and revamped versions of classics definitely counting for something. Itís a big world of Mac shareware gaming out there, some of it better than the rest and the Slacker is the first to admit that he doesnít catch all of the titles that deserve a fair shake.

Yes, there will be recognition for pointing out a great title, an honorable mention of sorts to officially throw your notable mimicker out there on this oh-so-hip Interweb. The t-shirts come later, but the notoriety, like lifeís better things, is free.

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